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Bodybuilding: The Reich Way

Throughout history western culture has celebrated the ideal man through paintings and sculptures. This supreme ideal of physical excellence revealed a man who was very muscular and masculine.



So, you want to have the body of a Greek god, do you? Well, I do too, so get in line beta!

Throughout history western culture has celebrated the ideal man through paintings and sculptures. This supreme ideal of physical excellence revealed a man who was very muscular and masculine. The artistic representations of the male physique in ancient times invariably looked like a 1970s Mr. Olympia. Not one marble statue looked like a Wil Wheaton soy boy or Michael Moore Moore.

I’ve been pretty close to achieving this impeccable condition before and I’m currently in the process of getting back there. Just something I should let you all know as a disclaimer – I’m not a dietitian, a pro body builder, a personal trainer or any sort of expert or medical professional. I’m just a guy that wants to make a difference for the better. I have 30 years of lifting experience and have taken in a lot of great info from professionals over the years and I wish to share it with my brothers.  The following is only my opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt and your own research is mandatory on what will help you the most. Now that being said, I can tell you my journey in resistance training and what worked for me and my results.

A Little About Myself:

I first started lifting in the late 80s. I idolized manly action hero’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stallone, Lou Ferrigno, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, and many others. Back then, being a muscular testosterone fueled badass was not only cool, but celebrated. I wanted to be like these men. They demanded respect on-screen and in real life. Their physical presence was felt on a primal level. Women wanted them, men wanted to be them, and those that wished them harm thought twice. If you are a physically strong man, men will naturally respect you more, though they will not readily admit it. 

There was one problem in my desire to like these men that I admired. I was emaciated. I looked like a famished Yid with typhoid in summer camp in Poland circa 1945. In grade school I went through a growth spurt that left me awkwardly tall and unnaturally skinny. Also, my ribs grew in a way that made my chest give the appearance that it was caved in at the center. My legs were sticks. I was Slenderman Jr.

I struggled with Mexican bullies because of this appearance. Girls ignored me as well. I was a incel before being an incel was a thing. I wanted to change that. I was 6’3″ 145lbs a literal bean pole. This fueled my ambition to become something to fear and behold. My quest began to be an 80s action hero just like the ones I watched when I got home after running from my mestizo tormentors.

I’ll spare you the details of my years of training and my struggles because it would be a book if I elaborated. I will give you a basic training routine that will get you started that worked for me. I’ll also give you the building blocks to know how to plan a diet around building muscle or losing fat.

At my best I was 6’4″ 255lbs at 14 percent body fat. My max bench was 430lbs.

My max on squat was over 500lbs. I’m about six months away from returning to that now. My new goals are to have 20″ arms and be 250 lbs at 10 percent body fat. I also would like to beat my past bench records. Let’s go into why lifting matters.

Why Looking Good & Being Strong is Important:

One thing is confidence. If you are in peak physical condition, you naturally feel more in control of your situation. Your chances of landing that quality girl in the wheat fields go up drastically. Women are naturally programmed to want security from their partner. When you embrace them with your muscled arms, they melt faster than steel beams covered in jet fuel.

Also, Job opportunities and networking open up too. If you look good you have a better chance at networking with others. This can mean more opportunities presented to you, not just socially, but financially. Persuasion powers also increase. A powerfully built fit man commands more respect than a fat slob. This has been programmed into humans for thousands of years. Others want to follow a powerful leader. Of course, the he ability to competently articulate oneself is essential, never underestimate the persuasive power of an imposing physical presence.

A strong body obviously determines one’s martial capability as well. A big and strong man will have a better chance of defending himself and his family than a stick-armed soy boy. Couple this with training in the martial arts and you will be a much more formidable fighter.

In representing a political moment it’s best to project an aesthetic of strength. More people will wish to join your movement if it’s filled with men that are powerfully built and appear capable of enduring and  accomplishing the hardest tasks. Not many will follow a 400lb neck beard in a mobility scooter, nor will anyone take them seriously. Have pride in who you are and what you look like. Maximize your physical potential. Working out is not just for your vanity but for what you represent as well. This can be your race, political goals, nation ect…

Some other important reasons are general health. If you lift your tendons, muscles, and bones are stronger. You are less prone to injury, colds & viruses, and suffering from degenerative diseases. A strong healthy population is very important to the nation as well. If you are sick on account of sloth you are a loathsome burden to your nation and your fellow tax paying citizens. A good patriot is one that is responsible for their own health. Don’t drag others down by being an unhealthy slob.

Now that you understand why this is important let’s go over some tips I’ve learned over the years.


  1.  Join a gym. Joining one that is close to your house is a plus but if you work, find one that is on the way home. That way you have to drive by it. Its much easier to go if that’s the case. The less excuses the better. Join one that is ok with lifting heavy and making some noise. Make sure they have a good free weight section and cable machines. Do not join planet fitness! That’s a cardio gym for fat women and soy boys that pretend to work out.
  2.  Get some workout clothes. Something loose enough to have full mobility. Some running shoes were also good. If you sweat a ton bring a hand towel to clean up after yourself.
  3.  Be hydrated before the workout. Hydration helps with muscle function and recovery. Keep hydrated while you workout. Take water breaks between sets. Stay hydrated every hour of the day and you will be more healthy in general.
  4.  Caffeine helps your workout. The equivalent of two cups of coffee before a workout is proven to help with signal strength to your muscles. This means you can lift more and create more micro tears in the muscle fiber. This means more potential muscle growth.
  5.  Lift with a partner if possible. A partner will help you keep motivated. They will help spot you on heavy lifts and give you confidence because of the safety they provide if you can’t complete the lift.
  6.  Listen to music that gets you into a berserker rage. SLAYER! I swear this helps you push harder. Music is a form of mind control. It will make you feel powerful on heavy lifts. It will amaze you on how much harder you can push with it. This means a better workout and more potential growth.
  7.  Lift heavy. If you are wanting mass you must lift heavy. That means staying in the lower rep range (4-6) on compound lifts. (Squat, bench, clean, dead lift, military press ect)
  8.  Watch the mirror. Adjust your eating to what you see. If you see your gut getting larger you need to eat fewer calories. If you have a six-pack and you want to gain mass you might want to eat more. Regardless you will want more food if you lift intensely. You can also buy a body fat checker online. That will help you know if you are eating enough or too much. We will go more into this later.
  9.  Have good form and don’t cheat. Concentrate on full range of motion in each exercise. Flex the muscles you are working at the top of the exercise or on full contraction. Remember muscles always are pulling together (Getting shorter) they are not extending. Knowing this will help with understanding what you are working out.
  10.  Don’t hold your breath. Remember to breath in on the way down and breath out on contraction or on the push. This will help you from passing out of popping a blood vessel.
  11.  Always start your workout with the compound exercises. Compound exercises are the ones that work several muscles together. If you start with the other exercises then go to compound exercises your other muscles will suffer because of the weak link in the chain. Compound exercises require all muscles to work together in a balanced way.
  12.  When beginning for the first time or after a long period of not training, take it easy. Don’t over do it. Concentrate on full range of motion and good form. Lift lighter and work up slowly.
  13.  When doing sets you will know your weight is correct when the last two of the set are very difficult at maximum effort. Your last rep you attempt should need assistance from your workout partner to get the most effective workout. Work  until failure.
  14.  When lifting heavy imagine a rope tied to a pulley on the ceiling lugging it off of you. Sometimes your brain subconsciously believes you can’t continue to lift but your imagination can help you lift more. It’s a mental practice that defiantly helps me complete the lifts. Also, you can imagine your workout partner assisting you even when he’s not. Give it a try.
  15.  When lifting heavy, wait 3 mins between sets to allow the muscle to recover fully and you can recruit more muscle to be worked. This will translate to more muscle growth.
  16.  Do 4-5 sets per exercise. This will insure the muscle has been effectively damaged (in a good way)
  17.  Don’t over train. Listen to your body. If anything other than normal muscle burn during lifting happens in the form of pain stop immediately. A ripped muscle can take weeks if not months to recover. It’s not worth working through the pain. If it is a sharp stabbing pain, you know its time to rest. Don’t take pain meds to work out. Don’t attempt working the area again until at least a week or more has gone by. You can then lift very light to see if any pain is present. If there is, stop and wait two weeks and try again. If no pain is present slowly return to your old training weight. Don’t push it.
  18.  Any group of muscle that has been thoroughly worked out needs 3-4 days of recovery before working it again. I can’t stress how important this is. No soreness should be present. If there is wait till there isn’t. If you work it again before it’s fully healed you are working backwards. You are wasting time and effort for zero gain or toward possibly negative results.
  19.  After lifting for a few months you will be recovering faster. You could recover in 2-3 days instead of 4. This means you can work the same muscle group 2 times a week for faster result. Again listen to your body.
  20.  If you are lifting intensely for long periods of time 6-8 weeks. You should take a week to let your body fully recover. You can still workout but only do very light weights. You can also just do light cardio during this period. This will boost growth and help avoid injury.
  21.  Imagine that you are growing. A positive mindset is important. This helps with keeping motivated and the brain is a powerful thing that effects how your body reacts. Mind and body are one.
  22.  Get your hormones checked by a doctor. This is especially important if you are over weight. Belly fat has a direct correlation to low testosterone. Testosterone is what makes us men. Well that and chromosomes but I digress…  If yours is too low, it’s not healthy. You will suffer many effects that are undesirable. Check the normal range for your age online. If yours is lower than normal, see if you can naturally change it by diet, exercise and sleep. If it’s still low after doctor recommended changes then you might consider hormone therapy. I’m not talking about abuse! I’m talking about elevating your levels into the high normal range for your age group. Health insurance may cover this. The black market should be a last resort. DO NOT EXCEED NORMAL RANGES. If you do, you are playing with fire. You can destroy your endocrine system forever. Stroke and heart attack chances also increase, so be smart. Don’t be an idiot and end your life short over small temporary gains. Always think long term. After age 25, test levels can start sliding. So, keep an eye on them and talk with your doctor about solutions.
  23.  Keep track of your lifts and body measurements. This is important. When you see gains in your limbs and a shrinking belly it will do wonders for your motivation. It will also tell you if your workout/diet is effective. Take pictures because they don’t lie. Compare them with the ones taken before. If you stopped seeing a change to the positive then it’s time to do some adjustments. More rest, different rep ranges, eating more or less….do this once a month.
  24.  Max out on compound lifts every now and then. Every three months is a good time period. This will help motivate you by seeing your numbers go up. If they don’t, then its time to mix it up.
  25.  Always stretch the muscle group before lifting. Also, do a light warm-up set to fill the area with blood and get the joints and tendons ready for stress. This will help avoid injuring yourself.
  26.  Always be in control of the weight. Don’t swing it around to complete the lift. This is how people pull something or rip a muscle and then you can’t lift until you heal.
  27.  Get sleep. Lots of sleep. 8-9 hours a night. If you don’t get enough sleep you are wasting your time. Muscles aren’t made in the gym, they are made during rest, especially during REM sleep.
    If you have sleep apnea get it taken care of ASAP. Not only will it affect your muscles it will potentially cause other health problems as well.
  28.  Alternate exercises every few weeks. The body adapts to stress. Different exercises that work the same area will stress the tissue differently that can stimulate new growth. Do some research on similar exercises that will work the same area differently.
  29.  Read a few books on the subject. I recommend “the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding” and “Power eating.”

Lord humongous



The Basic Workout:

If you are new I recommend getting with someone experienced for the first month just to make sure you are being safe with the correct form. This could be a trainer or a friend. Shop YouTube for demonstrations on how to lift correctly for each exercise.

I’ve found many exercises on YouTube from a guy that has good form and seems to know what he’s talking about. He might seem a little like a douche but what he says is good info. I provided links to some of my favorites lifts. The longer you work out you will find others to substitute into your routine. Change it up often. Here are the links with demonstrations on proper form when lifting.

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps:

Flat Bench

Flat Dumbbell Bench

Info on Barbell vs. Dumbbell Bench

Seated Dumbbell Military Press

Info on Dumbbell vs. Barbell Press

Skull Crushers AKA Nose Breakers

Tricep Pull Downs

Chest Fly Machine

Side Delt Raise

Bent Over Dumbbell Delt Raise

Back Exercises:

LAT Pull Down

Seated Low Row

LAT Pull Down Machine

Dumbbell Row

Preacher Curls

Dumbbell Curl

Leg Exercises:


Leg Press

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Standing Calves Raise


Workout Vernacular:

  • A rep is a repetition. (That means one complete lift)
  • A set is a group of repetitions done together at once.
  • Workouts will be written like this: Squat 4×8
  • This means 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

Ok, here we go. This is a mass building workout that I’ve done for years with variations but the core of it is there. It should be completed in 60-90 mins max.
If workouts last longer than that cortisol starts building up and your muscle tissue can be destroyed. It should be intense in a short amount of time.

For beginners I recommend replacing the 5×5 with 4×10 until you get your form down and lift heavier. After a few weeks you can then go to 5×5. You will notice that calves and abs have more reps. That is because they respond to higher reps better. If you can work both  Abs and calves twice a week if you have the time.

Also, after each set keep progressively adding more weight.

Day 1

  • Flat bench 5×5
  • Dumb bell seated military press 5×5
  • Fly machine 5×5
  • Lying triceps extension 5×5
  • Cable tricep pull down 5×5
  • Ab crunch machine 3×20-25
  • Calve machine 4×15-20

Day 2

  • Seated row 5×5
  • Lat bar pulldown 5×5
  • Seated pull overs 5×5
  • Preacher curls 5×5
  • Bent over dumb bell row 5×5

Day 3
Legs/ abs

  • Squat 5×5 or leg press 5×5
  • Leg extension 5×5
  • Leg curl 5×5
  • Calve raise 4×15-20
  • Ab Crunch machine 3×20-25

If you have a weak spot you can incorporate an isolation exercise into another day routine as long as that muscle is given 3-4 days of recovery. (calves, bicep, abs are common weak spots)
Also don’t be a slave to a day of the week for a group of muscles being worked. Just do what’s ready to be worked out on your life schedule. Monday’s don’t have to be chest day. Especially if you workout more than 3 times a week. I think at least one day a week should be complete rest to help fully recover. Remember if you work out 6 days a week your food intake will be enormous in order to grow muscle and you must get at least 8 hours of sleep.

That’s pretty much it.
Do this for 2-3 months and change your 5×5 to 4×8 -4×10. Then do that for 3 months. Then go back. You should notice big changes in the first 6 months then gains will slow down. That’s normal. As you learn other lifts change them out for some of the ones listed. Mix it up. Your body gets use to predictable stress so mix up your sets and reps and exercises to keep it guessing. After 6 months start experimenting with other workouts and see what works the best for you. Body have complete workout plans for beginners to advanced pros.


Cardio is very important. It helps keep your blood pressure down and helps with circulation of blood flow and general heart health. It also helps with fat loss.
You if are in cardio shape you feel just generally better in your day-to-day life. It can help with depression as well. I few things to keep in mind. If you are wanting to gain mass it can be counter productive while you are trying to gain. If that is your goal then keep cardio to a minimum until you reach your mass goals.
If you are overweight I recommend doing cardio after lifting. Seems to burn fat better that way. Overweight to me means you have over 20 percent body fat. You should always try to be under that.
BMI IS GARBAGE. It means nothing. You could be in excellent cardio shape with a 6 pack and BMI could say you are obese. To me body composition is more important by far.

I recommended Norwegian 4×4 interval training for this. It’s a form of high intensity interval training. The concept is simple. Find out your max heart rate for your age on Google. You will want to know what 65 percent of it is and also 90 percent of it is. Write them down and remember these numbers. I like doing cardio on the elliptical because there is not much impact on your joints. Remember to think long term. Ok, now set the resistance and go at a speed that gets you to 65 to 70 percent of your max heart rate. Most machines have sensors to tell you this. You are going to do this for 3 mins. Then at the end of 3 mins you will incense resistance and speed till you reach 85-90 percent of your max heart rate. You will hold this for 4 mins. After that you will return to your 65-70 percent speed and resistance. This is one cycle. You will complete this cycle 4 times. The total workout will take 28 minutes.
Give yourself a few mins a very low resistance to bring your heart rate back down to around 50 percent. Scientists have determined that this is more effective than jogging a normal speed for an hour. Intervals keep your metabolism going faster after the workout. So is a very efficient and effective way to burn fat and improve cardio health. It’s also more fun to do than just running at one speed for a long time because of the waves of difficulty seem like a game to me.
I would do one session over the weekend, one on back day, and another on chest day.
I would not do this on leg day FYI.

If you are fat it’s important that you lift and do cardio because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn.

One last thing. There is a free app that’s called “body measurements”. You can input your tape measurements inside along with your weight and body fat percentage (ask your gym to measure it) then you tell it a goal (gaining mass or losing fat). It will tell you the amount of calories you need to consume in order to attain your goal with your activity level but I’ll cover this below about calories.

Diet Tips:

1. Most supplements are garbage and a waste of your money. Those that are proven to work are creatine monohydrate, glucose-electrolytes solutions, carbohydrate protein sports drinks, carb-heavy weight gainers, Branch chain amino acids, whey protein, fish oil, Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (joint health). If you eat a rounded diet most everything you need will be provided. I also recommend a super green powder supplement in place of a multi vitamin because of its adsorption into the body for use. After planning your diet you might find that it’s hard to satisfy your diet needs therefore these supplements become very relevant.

2. After a workout have some protein with carbs to help with recovery.

3. The following foods are calorie rich and provide many useful nutrients needed with a strenuous exercise program.

  • Whole milk
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Healthy oils (extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil)
  • Starchy unrefined grains (whole grain wheat, brown rice, basmati rice)
  • Beans
  • Fruit
  • Fatty meats (rib eye, chicken legs)
  • Starchy vegetables (yams, sweet potatoes, white potatoes)

4. You might find out hard to eat the amount of food necessary to build the maxim amount of muscles in just 3 meals. Your body can only absorb so many calories at a time. So eating 5 to 6 meals a day is normal for strength athletes. A constant flow of fuel should be delivered to your damaged muscles so they build to their maxim potential. If you are gaining mass then you should never be hungry. Eat, eat, eat!

5. Stop eating sugar. Sugar is horrible for you. It converts to fat very quickly. No more soda or candy. Once in a while have a little as a reward. You might find after a few weeks without it you will no longer crave it. In fact, it might turn your stomach. This a good thing.

Meal Planning & Macros:

Macros stands for macro-nutrients. That being fats, proteins and carbohydrates. I’m going to keep this pretty basic and not go into too much detail, but you will get the big picture. You should be able start planning meals based on this doctors information.
These are plans based on 5 days of exercise so keep that in mind. That’s 5 sessions of 1 hour to 1.5 hours of hard lifting. So adjust accordingly. This is also for men. (Sorry ladies)

The following info was taken from a sports doctor with clinical studies proving its effectiveness.
There will be 2 meal plans. One for building muscle, and one for burning fat but maintaining muscle. To calculate your needs in calories if you are trying to gain mass, you will need 20-24 calories per lb of body weight.

If your goal is losing fat you need 15-17 calories per lb of body weight.

If your goal is to gain you need 20-24 calories per lb of body weight.

Calculating protein is pretty simple for both plans. 1 gram per lb of body weight.

If losing fat you need 1.5-2 carbs per lb of body weight.

Carbs calculating you will need 2-3 carbs per lb of body weight for gaining.


Finding Your Fat Needs Are a Little More Involved:

First write down your calories based on your plan. Then calculate your protein needs and write that down. Now we will find how many calories are in that protein by multiplying it by 4. Write that down. Next calculate your carbs. Record that. Now times that by 4. That’s the calories from your carbs. Now add the calories from your protein and carbs together. Now, take the total calories from your meal plan and subtract the total of calories from your protein and carbs. This will be the amount of calories in the fat for your meal plan. Now to find how many grams of fat that you will need in your plan divide the calories from fat by 9. Now you have your macro requirements for your day.

The internet has many tables on what a portion of any food out there has for macro. All foods at the store that come in a package have the macros on the back. Most restaurants have the macros breakdown of their menu at the store or on their web page. So, it should not be that difficult to find these macros out.

If you want to track your foods and macros for the day there are also apps for this. One is “my fitness pal”
It doesn’t matter when you eat foods but they should be spaced through your day.
I found after running mine I was not eating enough fats and carbs. I was able to substitute avocado oil to balance my fat requirements and used a weight gainer to get the carbs I needed. If you are a big dude you will find with supplements it’s a lot easier to get enough of the Marcos to get numbers you need. Whey protein powder is also good for getting your protein numbers up.
Now remember if your goal is to lose fat incorporate 2-3 interval cardio sessions as well as your lifting. You might need to lift at a higher rep range as well. (8-12)

If you work out 3 times a week then eat %70-75% percent of the meal plan.

Why so many calories? Muscle takes a lot of energy to rebuild after its been damaged. Not to mention the amount of energy expended lifting is also a huge drain.

If you goys follow this workout/meal plan for 3 months you will see a radical change in your body. Others will notice it too.

Also, I should mention to get your blood checked for cholesterol and check your blood pressure. If you need meds to control these things, then get on that with your doctor. You might have to also do cardio to help keep your numbers in check.  Get your blood labs done at least once a year. Check your blood pressure at least once a month.


My Personal Macros For Gaining Mass at 255lbs is Working Out 5 Times a Week

  • Calories = 5000
  • Protein grams = 255
  • Carb grams = 637.5
  • Fat grabs = 159

This is a massive amount of food. I found that my normal diet was missing out on fats and carbs so supplementing with avocado oil and weight gainer made a huge difference in my gains. I feel like a French pate goose being force feed, but when you want to rule the wastelands and crush the skulls of  Antifa with your 20 inch pythons, it’s well worth it. As my old weight lifting teacher said…..

I hope this helps you guys!



I scavenge the media wastelands hoarding red and white pills to share will my tribe. My tribe grows stronger everyday . I grow stronger everyday, and soon we will take back what is ours.