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President Trump Implores Supporters to “READ SIEGE!”

As the clock struck midnight on Wednesday, President Trump gathered the media for an impromptu press conference at the White House. The shocked members of the White House press corp were silently awaiting Trump’s arrival to the podium. They all looked at each other with bewilderment, wondering why he had called for an emergency press conference at such a late hour of the night.



President Trump holding his new favorite book, “Siege”, by James Mason (Photo Credit: Dino Spumoni)

Trump making his entrance into the press room (Photo Credit: Dino Spumoni)

As the clock struck midnight on Wednesday, President Trump rousted journalists for an impromptu press conference at the White House. The shocked members of the White House press corps were silently awaiting Trump’s arrival to the podium. They all looked at each other with bewilderment, wondering why they had been called to the conference at such a late hour. Moments later, the reporters were jolted by the sound of Motley Crue’s cover of, “Helter Skelter”, blaring at maximum volume through gigantic speakers positioned in all four corners of the room. Fog machines began filling the air with smoke as strobe lights were flashing and causing members of the press to become visibly disoriented. Kurt Eichenwald, who only attended in order to purchase a 16gb flash drive full of rare hentai pics from Jake Tapper, immediately collapsed and began convulsing in a violent grand mal seizure fit. Members of the press quickly averted their attention from the foaming-at-the-mouth, weebo pervert to President Trump as he kicked in the door with such force that it completely came off its hinges and flew across the room, taking out both Andrea Mitchell & the freakish half-simian David Gregory. Trump’s WWE style entrance lasted for 45 seconds as he slowly strolled up to the microphone with a sinister, knowing grin on his face.

As the press corps stood frozen with fear, Trump reached into the left side of his suit jacket and pulled out a rectangular object from its inner pocket. In his giant hand he held a black book with the title, “Siege”, written in bold, blood red lettering on the front cover. The book was written by James Mason in 1992 and it detailed the armed struggle of a hypothetical National Socialist revolution in America. Trump didn’t even bother to thank the journalists for their attendance before getting right into the reason he called for the press conference. “Listen folks, I very rarely give endorsement for books other than my own, but this book is something really, really special here. Believe me”. The President then held aloft the controversial written work adding, “For months now I’ve been receiving these weird messages daily on Twitter from the accounts of people who have on these kinda scary skeleton masks, calling me a giant faggot and telling me to read this book. Initially I was like, “Woah, first of all I’m all man – ask Melania, she’ll tell you – and secondly, this is a little strange, but then I said to myself – hey, what do I have to lose?”.

President Trump unveiling, “Siege”, to the White House press corp (Photo Credit: Dino Spumoni)

Artist’s rendition of Trump’s ritual sacrifice of Jared Kushner (Photo Credit: Dino Spumoni)

President Trump went on to speak, in the rambling 45 minute address about his love for for the recently deceased Charles Manson. “Ya know, I always admired Charlie. He was the guy that really put an end to that whole nasty hippie thing, but now I’ve really gained a whole new respect for the guy”. Trump then made his signature”okay” (👌🏼) hand gesture and added, “I’m a great negotiator. Everyone knows that. I’ve built an incredible real estate empire with my negotiation skills, but there will be zero negotiations going forward when it comes to restoring the universal order. And Jews – this goes for you especially – you are in YUGE trouble, I mean, BIG LEAGUE trouble. There will be no shelter from the coming helter skelter, folks”. Trump then declared an immediate end to the Federal EBT food stamp program. He said, “I know the niggers will totally lose their shit almost immediately because of this, which is why I’m giving every White American a fully automatic, military grade assault rifle. Let’s get this race war on the road, people”.

Trump abruptly halted the press conference at around the 20 minute mark, motioning to an aid and saying, “Ok, bring him out here”. Then, carried by two burly, black-clad, hairless men, a screaming, hogtied Jared Kushner emerged from behind the blue curtain. Extracting what appeared to be a curved, ceremonial dagger from beneath the podium, the president then recited an incomprehensible occult incarnation in an indeterminate language, then plunged the shiny blade into the throat of Kushner as he pleaded for mercy. Licking the blood from the dagger Trump proudly declared, “My fellow Americans, the great cleansing has begun. No longer will we surrender our destiny to the rootless clique of Semitic destroyers”.

Photo Credit: Dino Spumoni

President Trump gave a hearty Roman salute to conclude the conference before telling  the room of stunned reporters, “Thanks for coming, folks. It’s such a lovely day out there, so we’ve set up a table with food and refreshments outside on the lawn. Go celebrate the dawn of our new White imperium with a nice taco bowl on the house”. The former president and newly titled führer then directed his blackshirt henchmen with a finger snap to forcibly usher the press corps out the main exit, where they immediately and unexpectedly fell into a giant, mote-like pit filled with molten lava.

CNN’s Jim Acosta holding on for dear life before plunging to his fiery death


NEET BUCKS FOR DADDY – Confessions Of A YangGanger



Wew, lads! What a year so far! I hope you’re all cozy and doing super and such! Oh, me?!?! I’m wonderful, and I got a pocketful of minty fresh memes to prove it! Thanks for asking! I am, of course, talking about the Yang Wave; or as I also like to call it, the Yangnami™!

Get it?

Anyway, I don’t plan on making a habit of articles like this because explaining memes can be a bit presumptuous and should, in most cases, not even be necessary but I sense much resistance from many concerning Yangnami™ and I believe a bit of perspective may be in order. Just mine, though. I named this article as such because it was funny to me and because this is really just my personal take on the memes, hype, and seeming endorsement of one Mr. Andrew Yang.

Why this? Why now?

It’s important to understand that Yangnami™ isn’t a phenomena born in isolation. It is a direct result of the dissident right’s collective disillusion toward the Trump presidency. It was a fun ride, at first anyway. But after a while the writing on the Wailing Wall became quite clear. And although many of us knew that it was probably going to crash and burn I don’t think that we should snub our noses at those who held on to hope and tried to bleed a final drop of blood from the jagged stone of American politics. I don’t look down on those who went that route. It was an avenue that needed to be exhausted. We needed to see our “God Emperor” brought to his knees to really understand our position. And that’s what I think happened. I think Trump began mostly sincere, was in over his head, shit-talked his way into the CEO position of the largest criminal cartel in history, and was compromised and/or made impotent. But I don’t see it all as a wasted effort. We, as a dissident information movement, were mostly born from, baptized in, and confirmed by the experience. It was important for us, and hopefully we are learning everything we can from the experience.

The energy behind Trump’s candidacy was one of hopeful optimism, not just for many of us, but for millions upon millions of disenfranchised whites. We used that energy and we harnessed it. We knew Trump’s position as a mostly political outsider running on a populist, pro-white (in theory and veiled rhetoric), nationalist platform held the potential for something new, and an opportunity for us to be heard. And we seized it. Our influence in that political discourse changed the nation and I don’t regret a minute or meme. But what now? Now that we know we don’t have a voice politically, no prospects, and no plan to create such how do we continue to engage with the system? By what means and to what end? If accelerationism is the only path left before us shouldn’t we be rethinking our strategies?

In Defense of Yellow Fever 

After a certain point of continual failure, defending Trump becomes a cope and we need to seriously ask ourselves if continuing to give whites false hope is benefiting us or hurting us. Some believe, and not entirely erroneously, that we need to buy as much time as possible before the eventual party poopers of full scale gun bans and disarmament, economic collapse, ***insert favorite flavor of catastrophe here***. And I might agree with that if we had a plan. But we don’t. So what are we really waiting for? Stock up now, kids!

I consider armed revolution to be not only unrealistic but wasteful. We’re a global minority, white blood is precious. So are we just going to sit here and disengage completely? Are we going to stand aside like a bunch of faggy libertarians and decide we’re too cool for this party now as we clutch our pearls on our way out a door that doesn’t exist? Do we just slink back into our online communities and board up the windows like a bunch of pussies?

Not this kitty, hombre.

I say what I always say, LET’S HAVE FUN! We are a blight on their precious political landscape. Our voice is loud and our endorsement is poison. To look upon our current situation as completely without hope or opportunity would be immeasurably stupid. Last week we had Dr. David Duke on the show again and we toyed with the idea of weaponized endorsements. The idea being that we could create chaos within their own system by pretending to endorse candidates we want to troll or destroy. It’s just a thought, but these are options up our sleeve. And if whites have no voice politically we need to start thinking about what we can actually get from the system while continuing our antics across social media and stoking the fire. I’m not going to go into a defense of UBI here because I don’t necessarily believe it could work or would be intended to work if implemented; nor do I agree with the idea of UBI on a philosophical or moral level, but as white existence becomes a fight for survival we are going to need to look at all options that may be on the table and consider how they could potentially be leveraged to our benefit–if any.

This is an opportunity for whites to signal our discontent at the failure of Trump’s presidency while adapting to a social and political climate that will become even more and more hostile to us in the future.

Don’t resist the Yangnami™, ride the Kali Yuga!

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Goy Talk LIVE – Let’s Talk About #YangGang

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Dino Joins Josh Neal on ‘No Apologies LIVE’




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