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“My Awakening” By Dr. David Duke



The highly influential and worldwide best seller, “My Awakening”, read by Dr. David Duke.

Serving as a partial autobiography, this book also has Dr. Duke discussing the history of racial development and conflict, as well as Jewish supremacism and how it pertains to today’s global political and social issues.

Part 1, An American Son,  Chapters 1-3:   David Duke discusses his early life and the beginnings of his journey towards the truth.
Part 2, Race and Reality,  Chapters 4-13:   The History of Racial Development as well as the scientific and cultural differences between separate races. This part contains info on clearly stated and suppressed racial beliefs of Historical figures, modern racial changes in the United States, and even the manipulation of perceptions of sex in society.
Part 3, The Jewish Question,  Chapters 14-28:   Jewish Supremacism, how it developed, and it’s wide negative influence on the world. Other topics covered are Judaism’s inherently hostility towards Christianity, Communism being chiefly Jewish in design, Israel committing attacks against America, Israeli terrorism towards Palestinians, and the infiltration of Jewish supremacists into American politics.
Part 4, The Fight for the Truth,  Chapters 29-42:   Taking the previous parts into consideration, this part continues on with David Duke’s history. From the start of his activism, to his startling and resounding victory in the race for Representative of Louisiana, and beyond.


Part I: An American Son


Chapter 1 – An American Son


Chapter 2 – Sanctuary in Books and Nature


Chapter 3 – Transformation of a son of the South


Part II: Race and Reality


Chapter 4 – Race and Reason


Chapter 5 – A Question of Intelligence


Chapter 6 – Heredity or Environment


Chapter 7 – Race and Intelligence


Chapter 8 – The Roots of Racial Difference


Chapter 9 – The Evolution of Race


Chapter 10 – Race in History


Chapter 11 – Race in Society


Chapter 11 (Part II) – Race in Society


Chapter 12 – The Rising Tide of Color


Chapter 13 – Sex and Society


Chapter 13 (Part II) – Sex and Society


Part III: The Jewish Question


Chapter 14 – The Jewish Question


Chapter 15 – The Roots of Jewish Supremacism


Chapter 16 – Christianity, Judaism and Islam


Chapter 17 – Jews Communism and Civil Rights


Chapter 18 – Jewish Media Supremacy


Chapter 19 – Jewish Media Supremacy


Chapter 20 – The Roots of Anti-Semitism I: Economic Exploitation


Chapter 21 – The Roots of Anti-Semitism II: Crime and Treachery


Chapter 22 – Israel I: A Jewish Supremacist State


Chapter 23 – Israel II: Supremacism Through Terror


Chapter 24 – Israel III: Terror and Treachery Against America!


Chapter 25 – A Holocaust Inquiry


Chapter 26 – Jewish Led Invasion


Chapter 27 – Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority


Part IV: The Fight for the Truth


Chapter 28 – My Beginning Activism


Chapter 29 – LSU White Tiger


Chapter 30 – Around the World


Chapter 31 – My Indian Odyssey: A ghost from India Haunts me still

A Taste of Israel


Chapter 33 – Greece: A Celebration of Life


Chapter 34 – Europe and Home


Chapter 35 – In the Belly of the Beast


Chapter 36 – Knights of the KKK


Chapter 37 – The Klan Rises


Chapter 38 – The Grand Dragon and the Jewish Psyche


Chapter 39 – Disillusionment and New Directions


Chapter 40 – Political Victory!


Chapter 41 – An Aryan Vision


Chapter 42 – What We Must Do Now

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ADL: 100 Years of Hate




*The following article ready by Alex Linder is an interesting essay on the founding & history of The ADL. US citizens should take particular notice of their close connections with Mossad & corruption of US Political figures.* (Click to read full article)

October 20th 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the largest and most-well funded hate and defamation group in the history of mankind: the Anti-Defamation League, or “ADL.” The organization was originally called the “Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith” after its parent group, the Jewish fraternal order B’nai B’rith (meaning “Sons of the Covenant,” or, literally, “Sons of the Cut” — referring to circumcision).

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“A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind” By Stephen Mitford Goodson




A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind is Stephen Mitford Goodson’s companion volume to Inside the South African Reserve Bank Its Origins and Secrets Exposed.

While the latter volume describes the mechanics of the fraudulent usury
banking system, with a focus on Goodson’s experiences as a director of
the SA Reserve Bank, this volume expands the focus to encompass the role
of banking and money in history from ancient times to the present.

The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many
acute observers as the “Hidden Hand.” It is the power to create, lend
and accumulate interest on “credit,” and then re-lend that interest for
further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt,
from the individual, to the family, to the entire state.

The ability to operate a fraudulent credit and loan system has long
been known, and through all the slickness of a snake-oil salesman, the
money-lenders – the same types Jesus whipped from the Temple – have
persuaded governments that banking is best left to private interests.
Many wars, revolutions, depressions, recessions, and other social
upheavals, have been directly related to the determination of these
money-lenders to retain and extend their power and profits. When any
state, individual or idea has threatened their scam they have often
responded with wars and revolutions.

The cultural and material progress of a civilization will often
relate to the degree by which it is free from the influence of debt, and
the degradation that results when the money-lenders are permitted to
regain power. Hence, Goodson shows that both World Wars, the Napoleonic
wars, the American Revolution, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, the
overthrow of Qathafi in Libya and the revolution against Tsar Nicholas,
among much else relate to this “Hidden Hand” in history. This is the key
to understanding the past, present and future.

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“Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden” By David Irving




At 10 p.m. on February 13-14, 1945, the Master Bomber broadcast the
cryptic order: ‘Controller to Plate-Rack Force: Come in and bomb glow of
red T.I.s as planned.’ The ill-famed R.A.F. attack on Dresden had
begun. The target city was among Germany’s largest, but had little
military or industrial value. It was a center for the evacuation of
wounded servicemen, and schools, restaurants, and public buildings had
been converted into hospitals.

The authorities expected that this, a city often compared with Florence
for its graceful Baroque style, would be spared. By 1945 the legend was
deeply entrenched that Dresden would never be bombed. It was not to be.
In February 1945 with the war’s political and military directors meeting
at Yalta, Mr Winston Churchill urgently needed some display of his
offensive strength and of his willingness to assist the Russians in
their drive westwards. Dresden just seven miles behind the eastern
Front, became the victim of Mr Churchill’s desire for a spectacular
‘shattering blow’. As things turned out this, the most crushing air-raid
of the war, was not delivered until the Yalta conference ended.

The city was undefended – even the Luftwaffe night fighter force was
grounded. There were no proper air raid shelters. Dresden was housing
hundreds of thousands of refugees from Silesia, East Prussia, and
western Germany, in addition to its own population of 630,000 Up to a
hundred thousand people, perhaps more, were killed in two or three
hours, burned alive, that night. Yet until the first edition of this
book appeared in 1963 the raid scarcely figured in the Allied war
histories. A veil had been drawn across this tragedy.

Stung by foreign revulsion at this new St Valentine’s Day massacre, the
British prime minister – who had ordered it – penned an angry minute to
his Chief of Staff, even before the war ended, rasping that ‘the
destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of
allied bombing’. It is from this remarkably forgetful minute that the
sub-title of this documentary account is taken. For the first time the
full story, omitting nothing, of the historical background to this cruel
blow and of its unexpected political consequences, is told.

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