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This Time The World (1961)

This Time The World (1961) – This book, first published in 1961, is the autobiography of George Lincoln Rockwell who founded the American Nazi party in 1959. The sales of this book was one of the main incomes for Rockwell’s 8 year career as a political activist. This books tells the story of Rockwell’s life, how he came to his beliefs, and what his goals were . This is a classic and has been immensely popular for over 40 years.

White Power (1966)

White Power (1966) – The last and most powerful book written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell. Taking the philosophical concepts outlined in his earlier book, “This Time the World,” Rockwell distilled his political message into a hard-hitting, easy-to-read volume, which is guaranteed to leave the reader shaken, despite having first been published in 1966.

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