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Any Ham Radio Operators Here? Anonymous





Anyone here using ham radio to redpill the world or stay in touch when the civil war kicks off or just want a method of free speech when all the internet sites go 1984?


“I, as a free Aryan man, hereby swear an unrelenting oath upon the green graves of our sires, upon the children in the wombs of our wives, upon the throne of God almighty, sacred is His name, to join together in holy union with those brothers in this circle and to declare forthright that from this moment on I have no fear of death, no fear of foe; that I have a sacred duty to do whatever is necessary to deliver our people from the Jew and bring total victory to the Aryan race…”

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Siege Survivalism




My friends, family, and sometimes strangers sometimes ask advice on which guns I think are worth the money. If I had to pick 3, I would tell them about the following firearms and why I would choose them.

I’m keeping value and practicality in mind as well as versatility. This is a hard decision because of the sheer number of firearms on the market. There are many that fill speciality roles really well but lack versatility or are extremely expensive. Some shoot ammo that is hard to find or the ammo itself is not affordable for some. Some ammo is overpowered for most practical situations. Before I reveal my choices let me tell you about my experience with firearms and a bit about my background.

I went to a trade school for 2 years in which I spent 40 hours a week in the lab working on firearms. I got my degree and certificate in gunsmithing. I’ve been a gunsmith for over 10 years now and worked with several manufactures over that time. I’ve developed a few products for existing firearms and have worked on thousands of rifles and pistols so I feel like I’m qualified to give an opinion on this subject. Now for that short list.

1. Ruger 10/22

My grandfather gave me my first rifle on Christmas Eve of 1986. I have bit of nostalgia for this rifle but I don’t want to give the impression that this would cloud my judgment on my selection process. This rifle began production in 1964 and has been built ever since. It was based on the ergonomics and look of the old WW2 30 caliber carbine. You know, it’s the one Tom Sizemore had in saving private Ryan.

Tom with his 30 carbine

The 10/22 is a semi automatic blow back design which is very reliable if properly maintained. I has a very simple design that I was able reverse engineer and machine its receiver out of block of steel with a manual mill in school. It’s that simple. It can be maintained and cleaned with simple tools found in any garage. You can also buy a huge amount of after market upgrades and install them without much knowledge or effort. Just watch a few YouTube videos and you will be an expert.

I’ll recommend this rifle because I think everyone should own at least one 22lr. The ammo is extremely cheap. You can train on the fundamentals of marksmanship cheaply without spending much money. The ammo is extremely small too. A person could carry thousands of rounds and not be that encumbered. Also, the ammo is ubiquitous. It can be found in any gun store.

One of many 10/22 stocks are available

For its small size it carries a punch. Don’t underestimate how deadly a .22LR can be. In America, the 22 claim thousands of lives a year. The lead bullets can penetrate a man’s skull and turn them to scrambled eggs. The projectile has a habit of hitting bone and bouncing around inside it’s victims at strange angles causing massive internal bleeding. In fact, it’s a favorite of assassins because of it lethality and small noise signature while suppressed. When suppressed it’s the quietest of all firearms by a considerable margin. The 10/22 recoil is not even perceived when firing. The sound is also very light and almost hearing safe with a 16 inch barrel not suppressed. The ergonomics are pretty good for a classical style rifle. It’s only 5lbs and relatively small so handling inside vehicles is not difficult. It also makes a nice youth trainer because it’s small size and lack of recoil.

The 10/22 comes from the factory with a very reliable 10 round drum mag.  You can obtain many aftermarket mags with greater capacities as well. I recommend anything with steel lips. Ruger also came out with a 25 round mag that is very reliable. Accuracy is not the best but can be remedied with a after market target barrel. This will require an after market stock though or you must modify your existing stock for the thicker barrel. The Trigger is also not the best but again you can by trigger kits to help with this. They came out with a take down model in 2012 that is extremely compact when in it’s broke down configuration. It comes with a nice quality soft pack case. This could be stored about anywhere and easily used in camping. It makes a great survival rifle.

You can hunt small game with it very effectively. If needed, in a survival situation you could take medium to large size game with good shot placement. A very good rifle all around and makes a great first rifle for anyone.


2. Glock 19


Chambered in 9mm Parabellum, this little piece of Tupperware has caused some waves since since its inception. Austria is a producer of fine dictators, action heros, and now firearms.
Gaston Glock designed the original G-17 for an Austrian military contract in 1979. It went into production in 1982 and took the world by storm. Because of its low cost, ergonomics, and reliable design, it’s usually the first choice for most American law enforcement. It’s very simple design that can be completely disassembled with a pin punch.

Stock G19

It uses a striker fire system that works like a pinball shooter. When the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar moves the firing pin safety block out of the way and also loads the firing pin spring that propel’s the firing pin forward to strike the primer. The trigger also has a small safety arm that must be depressed in order for the trigger bar to move backwards. This means for the firearm to discharge, the trigger must be depressed. This makes it very safe from accidental discharge from dropping it with a loaded chamber. Now that being said, there is no thumb safety so a child could more easily fire the weapon just by pulling the trigger. I recommend of you have kids to have this weapon in particular locked up or chamber unloaded to keep them safe. Of course, all firearms should be out of reach for children too young to understand firearm safety.

When you are in a life threatening situation while packing, the less you have to fiddle with the better. Not having a thumb safety is actually good thing when your body is being dumped full of fight or flight hormones when a wild nog is closing in on you with switchblade in hand. Point, shoot and repeat.

Why the G-19 over all other glock models?
I chose it because I think this one can play many roles. It’s big enough to hold a considerable amount of ammo (15 rounds in mag +1). It’s still ergonomic and able to be shot over a reasonable distance, while at the same time small enough to be concealed without printing (showing its outline under clothing) that much.

If a gun is too big you can’t conceal it effectively. A large pistol can be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear comfortably inside the waist band for concealment. This means a large pistol is better suited for target shooting or having a primary weapon that you plan to not conceal but fight with. A large pistols role is more offensive in nature. If a pistol is too small, you can’t hold much ammo, or shoot accurately over distance because of the small sight radius and difficulty holding its s small frame. This means a small pistols role is limited to close range defence only. The 19 is a nice balance between the roles. Perhaps this is why it’s their number one seller.

Why the 9mm? Low recoil, which allows for quicker follow up shots. Cheap ammo, that allows you to train with it more frequently on a budget. Also, Higher capacities are possible in their mags relative to the larger calibers.

The 9mm has a bad rap from several “gun experts” over the years as being a “sissy” caliber and its lack of stopping power. This might be true if you limited yourself to ball ammo only. The 9mm now has a wide assortment of defensive ammo that is very lethal, especially with precise shot placement. This anti 9mm argument usually comes from but not limited to fat Boomers that masturbate to their 1911s. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 1911 too but I don’t think it fills the same role as the glock. I could elaborate but I don’t want to go there because of the boomer riot it might cause in their lark scooters.

The G19 is another firearm with a large amount of aftermarket support so you can augment your pistol with different upgrades and replacement parts from a vast number of replacements. Some complaints some have, is that the glock has a long hard trigger pull, it’s lack luster accuracy, or that it’s ugly.

First, the glock trigger is not a target trigger. A single stage trigger is great for shooting small groups at 25 yards. So, in the realm of target shooting the stock glock trigger is not the best. However, the glock trigger is safe and reliable and that makes it a option for a carry defence weapon. Also, for those that want to smooth out the feel or shorten the reset of the trigger, there is after market parts for this. Some are drop in and some require a gun smith to install. This will greatly improve the trigger feel for the more discriminating tastes.

Second, the accuracy is not the best but it’s good enough to fill a defence role just fine and still hit targets with consistency.

Third, it’s not the prettiest weapon out there but if you care about that you possibly are thinking about transitioning into a female soon. A practical pistol is a tool, it’s not a thing of vanity to show off to your friends.



3. AR-15 (Paddock rifle)

This one needs little introduction. This design has been the workhorse of the American military since the mid sixties. It was based on the armalite AR-10 in 308/7.63×51 that was designed by Eugene Stoner. The military wanted a rifle to use their new concept ammo that was high velocity and light. This was the 5.56×45. This would allow the average soldier to carry much more ammo than before. Thus armalite designed the Ar-15. They quickly sold their intellectual rights to colt in 59 so they could produce them in large numbers for the military. To this day the American military has been using it in various configurations. They made a full auto select fire version and called it the M-16. The carbine version called the M-4. It didn’t take too long before civilians got their hands on the full auto and semi auto versions themselves.

I selected this rifle because it’s a light weight, easy to handle, affordable and a effective fighting rifle that uses ammo that is ubiquitous and affordable. The number of aftermarket parts for this rifle is never ending. If anything ever happened to your rifle you can get parts very easily from many manufactures. It’s also reliable when maintained properly. It’s very easy to disassemble and build how you like with a few specialty tools. It literally has limitless configurations that can be put together to build a rifle built for about any role you want it to fill. People call it adult Legos for a reason.

If I was to get one configuration that will fill the most roles I would choose the civilian carbine configuration. 16″ barrel with collapsing stock. This is small enough for vehicle handling and its easy to store and light but can do about everything a full size rifle without too much compromise. Most fighting is done within 300 yards and this does just fine in those ranges.

The recoil is very light. That means staying on target is easy to do after firing for quick follow up shots. The mag capacities come in many configurations. 5,10,20,30,40,60,100, rounds are available from many manufactures. There is even a 150 round double drum that is out there.

Free float hand guard with attachments.

The accuracy is not bad for this class of rifle. With iron sights and chrome lined barrel you should be able to get 2 inch groups or less at 100 yards. With a variable power scope you can do better. With match grade target barrels you can achieve excellent accuracy with the right ammo.

This rifle can fill many roles. You can enjoy Target shooting for fun. You can hunt medium to large size game if necessary.  You can clear rooms, defend your home, or you can attack and move on and take a objective. You can carry enough ammo with a chest rig to fight for prolonged periods.

Because there is so many variations of this rifle you might want to get a few things right the first time. Get a aluminum forged upper and lower receiver or ones machined from billet aluminium. There are some that are not that don’t hold up so well. Also if it’s going to be a fighting rifle you want to go with a chrome lined bore barrel. This will last you a lifetime of shooting and because they are mass produced they are pretty cheap to get. So, the value is there.

I like rifle length free float hand guards on carbine. This allows for a forward grip help control the rifle with the “C grip”.

“C grip” or “C clamp”

I would also make sure your rifle barrel is chambered in 5.56 NATO or .223 wylde. This will ensure that your rifle will digest the maxim amount of ammo on the market. The 223 Remington chamber will have issues with some military ammo that can be potentially dangerous.

When selecting ammo avoid steel cased ammo. The coating on the steel slowly deposits inside your chamber and you will have stuck cases eventually. Only use it if that’s all that’s left. Brass cased is much better for reliability.

So, that’s my choices if I had three. To me versatility and reliability are paramount above everything.  These 3 firearms fill the most roles without breaking the bank. Happy shooting brothers!

Zimmerman’s favorite target.



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